Im thinking about using this as dream journal.

Simple because I dont have a journal solely for Dreams, which I SHOULD get because my dreams are INSANE.

But I want someone to help me understand my dreams. Im goin to get into a dream community I think.

But heres what caused so much distress on my part. And really..I mean distress.

In this dream, ther is a boy. And he is incredibly handsome. I think he is my boyfriend/husband. But its Ashley. Or at least thats what I got when I woke up. It looked like him. Fairly accuretly too. He had blonde hair and bright blue eyes, tall and everything that would make you feel safe and in love. I actually still and im love with him from my dream. And it sucks because hes not real...but he is.
Anyway, in my dream were at a house which is my grandmothers, but that has no signifigance I think. Were in the dining area and theres this man. I dont know what he looked like because I dont remember, but he killed ashley.
He crushed his skull. And I was crying and holding him and getting all bloody and I HATED this man.

Than I guess some years go on and I get older. And I end up in this building, with a whole bunch of othere people and what is my current boyfriend who really wasnt signifigant at all and really ugly...lol He had bushy curly afro hair. Ugh.
Anyway I find a secret entrance and there are these two black women with headphones, like they are radio D'Js.
They tell me about this ghost that is there that they see all the time. I was starting to walk way from them but when I hear the discription of the ghost I stop and turn to them and tell them what he looks like. And they are astonishged I knew. I start crying and calling for him, but nothing happends. Than I do this thing that Ashley taught me. (At least thats how I think i leanred it, for what purpose Idk) Where I can stop time and like...I can pull his human spirit to me. It comes as a white whisp of light and I can catch and hold it in my hand. And when time resumes, hes there. Im still crying and I hug him for like ever. But hes small. Hes the way he was when he was killed. The same age, the same hieght..everything. And Im taller because Ive aged.

The rest seems unrelated...we try to get somewhere alone to talk but all these people keep comming with us and interrupting us. And than I get really angry because this girl can walk through walls, another person can blow fire from their hands...and I go to this couple and yell at them for not telling me that thsese people were like me, that they had a certain ind of power, but than I wake up becuse my alarm goes off.

But still. I can picture this boy and I for real love this boy. Like it hurts like I would be in love with someone.

dude wtf. Do I miss Ashley THAT much.